& Who






Why we do what we do.

We believe that everyone should have unfettered access to the support they need to live a creative life, to pass on to others the culture, ideas, and traditions that they cherish. We measure our success by the contribution it makes to the flourishing of our community. The following values guide our work and interactions with each other and our members:

Be equitable.
Be empathetic.
Be bold.
Be creative.

Live your best life. Let’s get to work.


Flourishing is the ability to determine and define, individually or collectively, the challenges and questions that forge your vision and not have impediments to your vision and work imposed against your will by language, beliefs, systems, structures, and practices.


Who we are.

We work with individuals and organizations working in all fine, performing, and media arts, as well as heritage and humanities. That said, we fully embrace the great breadth, depth, and complexity of cultural practice today and look to our members to define their work relative to our mission along three basic lines:

You have seriousness of intention around your work. You cultivate a discipline or craft and understand your field, however you define it.

Your work benefits someone else other than just you. You can describe the people your reach or serve, regardless how large or small in number.

You embrace a collaborative spirit in working with us. And you engage regularly with your audiences, colleagues, and peer practitioners to develop your work.