Your journey into our management commons continues with membership into Track 2. Once you're ready you can apply to add Track 2 to your membership.


12% of monthly earned and contributed revenues gets you access to a shared nonprofit umbrella, finance and HR staff, legal tools, and basic insurances delivered through CultureTrust.

Track 2









We've got your back (office).

Move your operations under CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia.

Have a team to watch your back and help with operating challenges.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: share policies, systems and management.

Remain independent: for the things that matter, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Maintain your image and relationships: we’re behind the curtain; you’re in front. 

I really like CultureWorks’ model because it not only allows me to have a workspace, but also gives me the connections, human resources support and fiscal home that I wouldn’t be able to do individually.
— Dr. Pia Deas, Contemporary Black Canvas

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