Track 3 is under development. We're looking forward to launching a new track of resources dedicated to supporting fundraising & marketing.

5% - 20% 

5%-20% of monthly earned and contributed revenues will get you shared staff for fundraising, marketing, data management, revenue strategy, and more.

Track 3

Supporting your revenue generation.

With funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation we are developing two key resources accessible under Track 3. Our Track 3 resources will focus on revenue generation: marketing for earned revenues and fundraising for contributed revenues (grants and donations). Once you are an active participant in Track 2, you may become eligible to add Track 3 support, once it is available.

CultureWorks Challenge Fund

Will be designed to raise money on an annual basis to match project revenues at rates between 5% and 20% of gross annual income. This is not a grant program, but a shared general operating support subsidy, available to eligible members operating with support from Track 2

Advancement Team Support

Provides to your individual mission a full-service advancement team and technology resources to supercharge your fundraising and marketing. Bundles of services are available for between 5% and 20% of revenues for eligible members utilizing Track 2.

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