CultureWorks Staff Summer Playlist

It's finally that time of year - the days are longer, that bbq smell is in the air, beaches are filling up and of course the summer playlists are blaring. To celebrate the start of the season, the CultureWorks staff curated our soundtrack for the summer. Get ready, pull out those earbuds, and enjoy a taste of summer, CW style.

  Alexa Sarkuni

Alexa Sarkuni

Staff: Alexa Sarkuni, Business Operations Coordinator

Song: "Reflection Eternal" by Nujabes

I listen to quite a lot of lo-fi hiphop when I'm working; it's at the right tempo and level of intensity to keep me focused, without extra trappings that might otherwise distract me. With this song off of his 2005 Album Modal Soul, Nujabes offered a rare mix of lo-fi hiphop with the sort of heartstring-tugging emotional expression that I so often crave in the type of media that I consume. I highly recommend exploring his discography, if you enjoy what you hear here.

  Beth Warshaw

Beth Warshaw






StaffBeth Warshaw, Community Director

1. Song: "I Like That" by Janelle Monáe 

The entire Dirty Computer album is incredible, but this is the one I end up singing along to the most & want to play with the windows down.

2. Song: "Cicada" by La Luz

Summer is surf music season! La Luz is an all-woman, L.A.-by-way-of-Seattle band who make everything you do sound like the breezy, sunny montage it should be.

  Liz Sytsma

Liz Sytsma





Staff: Liz Sytsma, Chief Commons Director

1. Song: "Suzanne" by Bermuda Triangle

Perfect end of night song - kids in bed, front porch sitting, and a glass of something.

2. Song: "All I Want" by Joni Mitchell

This is an all time favorite song that always gives me the good feels. I also happen to have a new daughter named Joni, so it seemed like the right addition to our summer mix.



  Melissa Hamilton

Melissa Hamilton




Staff: Melissa Hamilton, Engagement Director

1. Song: "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful

If you know me, you know I hate being hot. This track embodies that hatred. Plus, after my father served in Vietnam, he became a full-fledge hippie - so this song reminds me of him and driving around in our 1980s Buick with burning hot leather seats in the Summer!

2. Song: "Coming Home" by Leon Bridges

I like to listen to this track - on warm, summer evenings - driving with the windows rolled down next to my wife. Bridges' silky, vintage tones wash over you in wonderful ways.

3. Song: "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and the Vandellas

When Martha Reeves belts out “The Summer’s here and the time is right / for dancing in the street”, it’s impossible to resist the urge to move your body. Plus, Philly gets a shout-out in the second verse!


  Jamaine Smith

Jamaine Smith

Staff: Jamaine Smith, Senior Community Experience Director  

1. Song: "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly and Maze

The quintessential black cookout song. Plates placed down and everyone, young and old, hit the dance floor. 

2. Song: "New York Nights" by Indian Wells

Frolicking through the streets of NYC on a summer night is one of my favorite summer past times. 









  Rashanda Freeman

Rashanda Freeman

Staff: Rashanda Freeman, Brand Awareness Director

1. Song: "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

As a Philly girl, born and raised - Summertime is the quintessential anthem of summer in the city. It's fun and catchy and always makes me long for summer days and bbq's.

2. Song: Why Don't We Fall in Love by Amerie

When I first heard this song I was not a fan. Years later, I am hooked. It just feels and sounds like being in love during the summer. Who doesn't enjoy that?!


Elizabeth Sytsma