Women's History Month: Sarah Mitteldorf


Sarah Mitteldorf is the founder of Kaleid Theatre, a physical theatre ensemble. They are interested in how language, movement, music, and sound can come together to create a new, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional language, which allow them to explore issues that are not easy to talk about through one sense or dimension alone.

Sarah and her ensemble Kaleid Theatre are collaborating with three other Philadelphia theatre ensembles to explore the concept of privilege through shared performance at (re)FOCUS Fest April 7-10 at The Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street). Their piece Titles are for Little Witches, The Salem Bitch Trials will compel us to ask: what is power? Where does it live in us? How do we reclaim it?

β€œIt sounds sappy, but Kaleid really is one of the best things to have happened to me. This group of creators gave me the support, respect, and challenge to grow as an artist. This isn't a type of generosity that I'd encountered every day. I think that that support, respect, and challenge is essential. It has become what I try to offer my collaborators every time I work, as it was offered to me.” - Sarah Mitteldorf

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Elizabeth Sytsma