Women's History Month: Jamila Medley


Jamila Medley is the Executive Director of Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA). Medley was introduced to cooperatives at Mariposa Food Co-op where she was membership & marketing manager and organizational development coordinator. Jamila is an experienced facilitator and leader who is passionate about working with existing, new, and emerging co-ops on  leadership development, strengthening democratic practices, and strategic planning.

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance and CultureWorks are partnering to offer a monthly workshop series aimed at developing leadership capacity and skills.

“ I am inspired by the many individuals I have come into relationship with since joining the cooperative movement in the Philadelphia region nearly six year ago.  Whether through one-on-one conversations or in group settings, I am constantly reminded of all of the resilience, vision, trust and love we have to bring out of our individual selves to collectively create and sustain the communities we want and deserve.” - Jamila Medley

Each month will cover a different topic and will share expertise, resources, and opportunities for coopeartives, not-for-profits, and for-profits throughout the Philadelphia region.

Upcoming Workshops include:

MAR: Self Awareness: What kind of leader are you?
APR: Conflict Resolution: How to manage and make better use of it
MAY: Self-Care and Leadership: When there’s so much to do!
JUN: Power and Leadership
JUL: Strategic Thinking

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Elizabeth Sytsma