Women's History Month: Gabriela Sanchez

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Gabriela Sanchez is the Founder and Managing Director of Power Street Theatre Company (PSTC), a home to a collective of fierce multicultural and multidisciplinary artists dedicated to the mission of empowering marginalized artists and communities of color throughout Philadelphia and beyond.

Since Power Street’s inception as a multicultural theatre company in 2012, many families, aspiring artists, and individual supporters of the company, especially from North Philadelphia’s Latinx community, have shared with company members the kinds of barriers that hinder their ability to access and enjoy mainstream theatre arts spaces in Philadelphia. A few of these barriers include expensive ticket prices, lack of transportation, and palpable under-representation of characters and themes that speak to multicultural experiences on stage. Herein lies the “bridging gaps” call to action that inspires the work of PSTC at large.

Their current production Las Mujeres by Erlina Ortiz and Directed by Tamanya Garza, is a play centering the voices of distinguished womyn from Herstory’s past. You can catch Las Mujeres at West Kensington Ministry through March 17. 

As the Founder, Managing Director and Producer of PSTC, my activism is rooted in the need to challenge the conventional wisdom that community organizing and theatre are two separate entities. My multifaceted identity, as well as my embodied experiences, has shaped my morals and how I exist in the world. Theatre and community organizing have given me a platform to speak my truth and fight for what I believe in." - Gabriela Sanchez

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