Women's History Month: Lanica Angpak


Lanica Angak founded Cambodian American Girls Empowering (CAGE), in 2015. CAGE's mission is to create a safe space where Cambodian American women feel safe and free to explore and/or learn more about their shared identities, culture, heritage, and history.  They seek to foster a group of individuals who use art as activism to empower each other, ourselves, and their shared communities. 

CAGE hosts monthly dance workshops for all experience levels. The next workshop will be hosted on Sunday, March 18, from 10:00am - 12:00pm at BOK. To RSVP and learn more click here

“Sometimes, the hardest part of growing up (in your teens, twenties, and so on) is embracing the parts of yourself you once found embarrassing.  The work I do with Cambodian American Girls Empowering is both a celebration and display of all the hardest and best parts of what it means to be Cambodian American.  This organization, and the work we do, is inspired by the other young women and girls I have danced with in the past, the folks I learn with in the present, and the communities I look forward to building with in the future.” -  Lanica Angpak, Cambodian American Girls Empowering (CAGE)

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Elizabeth Sytsma