A new kind of star power is being released on the world, Chinazo Enigwe, Founder of KAMSI magazine is aiming to show more representations for women of color in the media. Launched in 2016, KAMSI is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the sophisticated millennials of color. The digital magazine covers everything from trends and red carpet to life and dating tips as well as interesting feature pieces.

Chinazo is dedicated to the camaraderie of black sisterhood and to promoting positive images of people of color as well as inspiring positive change. KAMSI is tailored to add creative inspiration to the young, chic women's lifestyle. The publication has been able to thoughtfully talk about the entirety of the black women experience in America, which includes standards of beauty, empowerment, culture and the shared parts of our history.

Be sure to check out the official launch party for KAMSI magazine on Friday, August 25, from8:00pm-12:00am, at The Painted Bride Art Center. To reserve your tickets click here, this is a great opportunity to come and mingle with other members of the cultural community.

To stay updated on the organization, be sure to follow them on all social media at @kamsimagazine!

Elizabeth Sytsma