Warrior Writers' mission is to create a culture that articulates veterans' experience, provides a creative community for artistic expression, and bears witness to the live experiences of warriors. Founded in 2007, Warrior Writers is celebrating their 10th birthday this year with a series of parties and readings in cities across the nation, showcasing the written works of their members. 

As part of Radio Silence, a collaborative project with Mural Arts, Warrior Writers will host a public spoken word performance on Independence Mall onJune 29th at 6PM; this performance will feature both US Military veterans and Iraqi refugees - and will serve as the launch of a podcast featuring conversations, music, and poetry between these 2 groups. The podcast will air on WPPM PhillyCAM Radio 106.5 FM and community radio stations across the country in partnership with Prometheus Radio Project and Public Radio Exchange (PRX).

On May 20th, Armed Forces Day, Warrior Writers will begin an Indegogo campaign to raise funds to publish their fifth anthology. To find out more, check out their websiteFacebook, or recent Philadelphia Inquirer article

Elizabeth Sytsma