Basecamp: Stone Harvest Jewelry

Why did Kelly Nicholson of Stone Harvest Jewelry invest in the Basecamp business planning course? 

"We felt like we were ready to take it a big step further, but just weren't sure how to go about doing that."

Stone Harvest has been steadily evolving since its founding in 2009. Initially a small collection created from shells and bones Kelly harvested from the beaches of Marina County, California, Stone Harvest is now a creative partnership between Kelly and her husband, Austin Dodson, that presents a full range of etched metal jewelry with imagery based on sacred geometry and nature. Kelly and Austin have begun expanding their longtime side project into the small local business it is today. 

"Working with Basecamp allowed us to see the big picture of what it really takes to run our business, down to minute details. We were asked questions that pushed us to consider things that we hadn't thought of before. We came to realize that all the pieces of the puzzle are important in order for the business to be successful...[it was] really gentle and challenging at the same time."

Stone Harvest was able to develop a vision and apply it for their company when they were ready. Since then, interest in their work has only grown. Stone Harvest recently launched their independent online store, began stocking their jewelry in local boutiques like Moon & Arrow, and are expanding into the wholesale market.

Take your next step with Basecamp; deadline is April 7th.

Elizabeth Sytsma