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The Fiscal Sponsorship Model Expands its Community to 80 Members

PHILADELPHIA – CultureTrust, the fiscal sponsorship program of CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, accepted a record number of new and existing projects in the arts, cultural, and heritage fields this week. The 13 projects encompass a wide variety of areas, including gaming, education, and socially-focused arts projects battling underrepresentation and systemic oppression.

CultureTrust’s fiscal sponsorship model allows projects to enjoy tax-deductible status through the Trust, as well as comprehensive business services through co-management and access to regular consulting from CultureWorks staff and its growing number of professional affiliates.  

New projects are reviewed and accepted quarterly by CultureWorks’ Board of Directors. The next round of applications for the Trust will close on May 15, 2017.

Spring 2017 CultureTrust projects: 

Aurora Classical

Aurora Classical’s mission is to provide classical music without the perceived pretense that can get in the way of its enjoyment. They introduce the art to those who may not have had access before and provide opportunity for classical performers to share their work.

Best Day of My Life So Far

Best Day of My Life So Far’s mission is to reduce older adult isolation and promote intergenerational engagement through storytelling. Using weekly storytelling workshops and a shared blog, Best Day has already seen success at 13 different pilot sites across the United States.


Cannatunes is a multi-media, multi-sensory application that translates the bio-rhythmic energy of plants into musical notes and cymatic visual projection. It provides a unique user experience that makes plant vitality evident through sound.  

Caribbean Community in Philadelphia

Caribbean Community in Philadelphia connects Caribbean nationals in the U.S. on issues of cultural and current events, sports, news, employment, housing, small business ventures, education, and historic places in the Caribbean islands and the various states in the U.S.

Fourth Grade Project

Over the past eight years Judy Gelles has interviewed and photographed more than 300 fourth grade students from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds in China, India, South Korea, England, St. Lucia, Italy, South Africa, Nicaragua and multiple areas of the United States. She asked all of the students the same three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about? The Fourth Grade Project connects children locally and globally, building bridges and tearing down walls.

Hello Arts

Communities of neighbors, classmates, teams, co-workers and families communicate more successfully when they share personal stories first.  Hello Arts encourages participants to give and take responsibility for personal story, which serves as a foundation for deeper understanding, mutual trust, and collective problem-solving.

Lost Dreams on Canvas

Lost Dreams on Canvas is a portrait exhibition of children who were innocent victims of violence. Since 1993 over 100 professional artists have donated their time and talent to paint more than 500 portraits of innocent victims of random violence across the country. Lost Dreams on Canvas preserves the memories of the children by capturing their images on canvas.

Out Muslim

OUTMuslim is an initiative which aims to increase the visibility of LGBTQiA+ identifying Muslims. 

Power Street Theatre Company

Power Street Theatre Company was established in 2012 by women of color as a multicultural theatre company dedicated to the mission of engaging and empowering culturally diverse communities in the city of Philadelphia through performing arts and theater- a creative and visionary response to the palpable under-representation of communities of color in performing arts spaces here in Philadelphia and beyond.  

Project Field Trip

Project Field Trip is a game platform prototype that engages young people and adults with the freshwater ecosystems. It is conceived as a unique digital learning and teaching tool constructed to contextualize curricula in a variety of schooling environments in the United States, utilizing a communication platform that functions within the constructs of cognitive processes and guided by the power of experiential learning.

Run Boy Run

Run Boy Run productions aims to reach a broad Philadelphia theatre audience through the works and stories of African American, LGBT, and other minority communities of playwrights.

Songs in the Key of Free

Songs in the Key of Free challenges mass incarceration through collaborative arts practice + creating partnerships with inside artists through musicianship and songwriting.

Vision Driven Artists

Vision Driven Artists exists to put more resources and opportunities into the hands of Philadelphia‐based artists and arts organizations, with a specific focus and emphasis on supporting traditionally marginalized artists and communities (e.g. queer, trans*, women, low‐income, and/or people of color).


Applications for CultureTrust are made available on the CultureWorks website, and may also be obtained by calling 267.597.3809 or emailing info@cultureworksphila.org. Interested applicants are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a staff member for one-on-one support.

ABOUT CULTUREWORKS | CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia is a management commons for the arts, heritage, and creative communities. The nonprofit provides affordable access to the resources that both arts and cultural organizations as well as individuals artists, makers, and preservationists need to flourish. CultureWorks is a leader in researching and developing models for sharing support resources – and its CultureTrust wing is the first Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship program in the country dedicated to the fine and performing arts, heritage, and humanities fields. 




Elizabeth Sytsma