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Founded in 2015, Aurora Classical’s mission lies in the deep desire to bridge the gap between classical music and, well, really everyone else! Stripping down the elitist pretense of an underrated art form, providing opportunities to talented classical performers, and creating a space for everyone is what Aurora Classical is all about. 


Seasoned singer and avid music lover, Susan Weinman, dreamt of a way to bring the magic of classical music to the everyday person, regardless of budget, economics, race, color, or creed. The organization takes its name and its inspiration from the "Philadelphia Aurora", a newspaper founded by Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson to Benjamin Franklin. This paper stood for the rights of the “plain folk”, the farmers, and the everyday person.


“The Philadelphia Aurora Newspaper stood up for the everyday man, the everyday people.  In essence, that's what we want to do with Aurora Classical by creating a space within classical music that is casual, informative, inviting, and truly for everyone.”


In addition to introducing this art to those who may not have had access before, Aurora Classical is passionate about employing established freelance classical musicians who are out of work, underpaid, or having trouble finding opportunities to share their art.


Aurora Classical joined the CultureWorks family in 2015, and has been a loyal and beloved member ever since. No other organization at the time had our specific and wide array of administrative services, which would allow them to focus solely on what truly matters: bridging the “snob gap” between classical music and the everyday person while simultaneously providing opportunities for seasoned freelance musicians.


Interested in getting involved with Classical Aurora as a musician or attendee? Be on the lookout for some fun and exciting events coming up in the new year (think Open Mic Night… but make it classical). Until then, we urge you to click here for a playlist of past performances to see what Aurora Classical is all about. You’ll see that there really is something for everyone.


Learn more about CultureWorks Member, Aurora Classical by clicking here, and please consider donating to further their mission by clicking here.


14 Jun
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