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We are deeply committed to justice, equity, inclusion and diversity of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, religion and socio-economic status. We are home for the creative community of artists, creatives, cultural workers, organizers, and people of many backgrounds and many creative practices.

CultureWorks is committed to the unwavering support of artists who are at the margins, who otherwise may not have access to the resources, knowledge, infrastructure, or connections to sustain or initiate their projects. Our community exhibits serious intention around the work they do, while also valuing collective thought and practice. We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion. We accept members into our community who are committed to their purpose, capable of working collaboratively, respectful of different cultures and differing perspectives, and dedicated to advancing the collective flourishing of the CultureWorks community and beyond.

Our Core Values:

Be Empathetic.

Be Equitable.

Be Creative.

Be Bold.


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