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Womanist Working Collective

The Womanist Working Collective is a social action and support collective for Black womyn (both cis & trans), femmes & gender variant folks. Our work unapologetically centers our Quality of Life and livelihoods through Community Organizing, Philanthropy and Self-care.

Established in October 2015 as an affinity group on Meetup, we began gathering as a group of likeminded Black women & femmes. Responding to our almost immediate growth and increased membership, we held our first strategic planning retreat in January 2016 and collective-wide data collection to gather vital feedback from our membership. From this survey and on-going evaluations, we began to shape and expand what was quickly evolving into an intentional Community of Practice centering the lives, livelihood and Quality of Life for Black womyn, transwomen, femmes and gender variant folks.

Today, we continue building around the needs and feedback from our members to achieve our ultimate goal: Black Liberation! To become the supportive and empowering community network to move past merely surviving, but thriving; Prioritizing physical, emotional, moral and social safety To transition ourselves and our communities into an Ecologically Just* society.

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