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Tailinh Agoyo

At Seeds, our intention is to create programs that uplift and center Indigenous voices. The time has come where we, as Indigenous people need to share our own stories, in our own ways. It is imperative for our survival. Seeds is committed to providing that opportunity whether it’s here in Santa Fe, through our programs in Philadelphia, or at the dinner table with our families.

It’s a been a long road to get to this place and we are just beginning. As Indigenous women and mothers, we have a visceral approach to our work. Yes, we have strategies, business plans, and a support team that we are so thankful for, but the truth is, experience, too many challenges, and age have given us gifts that surpass any of those things. Seeds is for our people. Seeds is for our children. Seeds is for the future. And today, we share all of what we have with you. We want you to experience the joy we feel, the beauty we have understood since the beginning of time, and the depth of emotion with which we walk through this world. Celebrate, share, engage, learn, laugh, eat, sing, play, dance, feel. This is our wish for you. This is our wish for us. Together.


Tailinh Agoyo has over 15 years of professional public relations, marketing and design experience. She was Head of Design for the international firm Monitor Group's West Coast offices. Tailinh worked at SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market as Director of PR, Marketing and Programming. Leveraging both traditional and social media outlets, SWAIA received international attention for Santa Fe Indian Market resulting in record 175,000 visitors for 2013. Along with two colleagues, Tailinh founded Indigenous Fine Art Market in 2014 and managed marketing and creative services for the national non-profit organization until April of 2016.  In May 2016, Tailinh produced EAST, an indigenous art show in Connecticut in partnership with the Pequot Museum and Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance.

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