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Tailinh Agoyo
Tailinh Agoyo

Tailinh Agoyo is the co-founder and director of We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust, a non-profit organization committed to amplifying Indigenous voices through the arts. Agoyo is also the host of 'Rise and Thrive', a radio show that honors the voices of Indigenous artists, performers, educators, and change-makers. She has worked in film and television for more than thirty years and helped produce the beautifully illustrated children’s book I Will Carry You in 2019. Her own artwork is focused on capturing the vibrancy of Indigenous people today, including The Warrior Project, a collection of photos of Native youth and their continuing commitment to environmental stewardship. In addition to these many projects and roles, she is mom to four terrific children.

Now in its fifth year, We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust has produced over 140 public programs, increasing agency and direct engagement between Indigenous peoples and audiences. The organization was founded by a team of Indigenous women who are dedicated to honoring Native arts and cultures as a means to understanding Indigenous peoples, the history of what is now called the United States, and who we all are as American people today. We Are the Seeds produces cultural events that feature Indigenous fine art, music, dance, fashion, literary, and culinary arts. Additionally, Seeds hosts interactive art programs that focus on educating and empowering youth.

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