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Erica Hawthorne-Manon
Erica Hawthorne - Manon

Small But Mighty Arts' commitment to connecting artists with the resources they need is a direct response to the challenges currently facing the creative community. One of the main barriers to completing arts projects is lack of funding. Providing access to micro-grants and professional and networking opportunities at critical points in the creative process creates momentum and gives artists the chance to gain access to future funding and professional connections. SBMA recognizes that individual artists are an integral part of a strong creative economy. We are especially interested in retaining the city’s creative talent necessary for arts organizations, educational institutions, businesses and communities to also grow and thrive.

Objective #1 – provide artists with micro-grants to continue or complete a creative project
Outcome #1– artists are able to maintain the creative momentum needed to complete projects and advance their careers

Objective #2 – connect artists to existing arts resources
Outcome #2 – artists receive continued support beyond micro-funding

Objective #3 – present professional advancement programs for artists
Outcome #3 – artists are able to advance their creative careers to the next level

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