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Sarah Mueller
Sarah Mueller

Sarah Mueller is a cinephile, a life-long learner and (very proud) 

18 year community-rooted resident of Philadelphia. Since achieving a BFA in Film Production from the University of the Arts in 2006, she has been deeply immersed in her art and social change practice of raising up the next generation of storytellers through digital media instruction and producing People-centered cinema. 

Mueller is the Director and Founder of, cinéSPEAK, a Philadelphia-based justice-centered independent cinema organization. They work to bring together communities over thought-provoking film and important conversation. Using cinema as a gathering tool to spark dialogue and new relationships amongst neighbors, they connect individuals with change-maker organizations and institutions while emboldening community members to be keepers and tellers of their own stories. cinéSPEAK’s work is done in deep and intentional collaboration with locally-rooted advocacy organizations whose work is wholly-centered on addressing these important issues that affect us all.

Intrinsic to her work is the notion that having the ability and access to speak for oneself and/or one’s community, to experience and create deep and diverse depictions of one’s various identities in media is a basic human right. She is driven to create broader access to and engagement with narratives that more fully reflect the breadth of the human experience which is essential for creating a holistically equitable society—where white supremacy is dismantled, hate is abolished and understanding and tolerance flourish.

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