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International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY)
Susan Crofton

International Performing Arts for Youth mission is to create professional and education opportunities for key stakeholders in North America (artists, agents, and presenters) to engage around support of meaningful performing arts experiences for young audiences.

Their vision is a world in which artistic excellence and innovation in performing arts for young audiences are nurtured, supported, and expanded.

Showcase is IPAY's annual conference, serving our international membership and promotingglobal dialogues within the youth arts sector at large. Featuring a rigorously selected roster of full length and excerpt performances for young audiences, Showcase highlights excellent professional performances from North America and around the world.

Showcase hosts Kindling, IPAY's developmental learning platform, along with professional networking opportunities, special events, and much more! Showcase is an annual community gathering of individuals and organizations dedicated to producing, presenting and promoting professional performing arts for young audiences.

More about IPAY here.


14 Jun
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