Begin your journey with General Membership.

General Membership is $40/month and gets you access to shared workspace, expert consulting, and a community of creative, likeminded folks. You can add management services, consulting support or more space when you need it.

What does my membership contribute to?

As a member of our commons, your monthly membership allocation helps cover expenses like:

  • Rent for our shared space
  • Wifi/Phone Systems 
  • Space Maintenance (cleaning, repairs, etc.)
  • Printer Maintenance (cleaning, repairs, costs)
  • Office Supplies (printing paper, kitchen items, etc)
  • Event Speaker Honorariums
  • CW Admin Team compensation
Need more space? We're here for you.
Cultureworks Membership levels

If you're interested in adding more space, please don't hesitate to reach out through our Member Application Form - or contact our Business Operations Coordinator, Alexa Sarkuni

Have friends? Check out CW's Referral Program.

Help Us Make New Friends
Earn Rewards Through Referrals

cw friends


Your friends need space + services. We have them. It’s a perfect match! You meet folks all the time through your work – so the next time you hear someone talking about needing a spot to work or back office support for their creative practice, please send them our way. This way, we get to make new friends + you get rewarded for you referral. Everybody wins.

Plus, we believe the best way to grow an inspiring and collaborative community is when awesome people share it with other awesome people they know.

Here’s how it works:

  • A current CW member (at any level), gets a friend to sign up.
  • The friend signs up for membership using the “Join” form, indicating they’ve been referred by you.
  • The friend is approved for membership and officially signs up via Nexudus.
  • We give you (the current member) $10 off next month’s membership.
  • We give your friend (the new member) $10 off next month’s membership.
  • Done!

Questions about our Referral Program? We love to chat.

Need consulting support or help getting things done? We're here for you.

We provide flexible staffing for a wide range of management and program functions as well as traditional advisory support for planning, assessment, and other needs. We offer everything from interim executive management to project management, to strategic and business planning across a variety of specialized subjects and fields.

Support is offered by CultureWorks’ consulting team, as well as a roster of Affiliates who offer our members their professional services at a discounted rate. You can access support by the hour, or assemble bigger bundles of time and custom teams for larger projects.