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A hub for literary Philly, Blue Stoop's mission is to support and nurture writers and readers from all walks of life who live in greater Philadelphia. We believe storytelling and word-building make us smarter, more empathetic, and more connected. Our programs are inclusive and prioritize lifting the voices of writers of color, queer and trans writers, and working class writers. Our dream is to one day have our own physical space for the literary community to call home.



a critical mass of Philadelphia writers came together in May 2018 to start working towards creating a hub for literary culture--a place where writers and readers in Philadelphia can meet, work, take or offer high-quality and inclusive writing classes, and hold readings and events. 

The name Blue Stoop comes from a poem by Thomas Devaney which is in turn inspired by a photo by Philadelphia photographer Zoe Strauss. We felt both pieces of art speak to the beauty, openness, and DIY spirit of the artists in our city. Our logo was designed by the wonderful Herbie Hickmott

As we work towards the dream of a space of our own, Blue Stoop is a community-driven project to promote, sustain, and nurture the writers and readers of Philadelphia and beyond. Right now it's administrated by the writers Joshua Demaree, Emma Eisenberg, Raena Shirali and Boston Gordon. We offer writing classes for serious early career writers, author events open to the public at venues around the city, and monthly happy hours on the third Sunday of each month at W/N W/N Coffee Bar. Come hang with us!

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"Welcome to Blue Stoop, the future home for Philly Writers " // Philly Inquirer Coverage

27 Jul
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BIPOC Writing Workshop Hosted by Warrior Writers