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Beyond the Bell tours are inspired by untold stories of Philadelphia and how by sharing these stories, we can create a greater sense of belonging and a more inclusive city. We create tours that influence public history and highlight marginalized communities such as: people of color, queer folks, first nation folks and women. Beyond the Bell is built to promote cross cultural engagement and is committed to putting the people back into people's history.

Beyond the Bell was co-founded by Rebecca + Joey. Find out more about them below:

Meet Rebecca!
he enjoys the outdoors (hiking, biking, and running) as well as the indoors (eating, sleeping, reading and writing). Even though Rebecca was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, she's constantly discovering new things in the city. Rebecca wrote her thesis about inclusive tourism and has presented her research internationally. She's passionate about the intersection of tourism and social justice

Meet Joey!
He grew up in Maine, and came to Philadelphia for college. During his college years, he worked at a leather factory in southern China, discovered intermittent fasting, and became a cricket farmer. While studying economics at Haverford College, he took classes in social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and became passionate about leveraging for-profit business models for social justice. Outside of Beyond the Bell, he works for an international tour provider, writes and shares poetry across Philadelphia, and volunteers as a peer counselor at the William Way LGBT Community Center.


14 Jun
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