CultureWorks Member Perk: ArtWorld Learning!
Business and Financial Health for Artists, Designers, and Cultural Producers



CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia is pleased to announce our subscription to Art World Learning (AWL), a growing, online video library created to help artists, designers, and cultural producers navigate the business of creative practice. You can learn more by watching this trailer. As a CW member, you have FREE access to all the content on the site.

Use the coupon code "AWL_CultureWorks_2022" to enroll today! Be sure to use the checkout for "Schools & Institutions Codes".

AWL is an approachable resource for nuanced financial and business education to creatives, by creatives who’ve dedicated their lives to the empowerment of others. 

Once you enroll, you’ll find:

  • Content and downloads applicable to you and your practice

  • An evolving and welcoming space for artists, designers, and creative producers to focus on their short- and long-term financial health

  • A growing resource that currently includes:

    • 29 videos with accompanying references, links, and worksheets

    • 19 courses on freelance finance, contracts, the fundraising ecosystem, budgeting, taxes, credit, debt, intellectual property, healthcare, and more

    • 17 experts, including creatives who are also law, business, and finance professionals

    • User Way accessibility and closed captioning on all videos

AWL believes financial and business empowerment offers a path toward long-term growth for a more diverse community of artists, designers, and creatives.