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Samuel S. Fels Foundation - Funding opportunities

The Fels Foundation commits to improving conditions and opportunities for marginalized communities within the City of Philadelphia.

Programs: all LOIs accepted on a rolling basis, grants range from $20,000 to $25,000

Arts and Culture – investing in Arts and Culture organizations whose primary mission is to:
• preserve, strengthen, and/or share social or cultural identities and traditions
• amplify marginalized voices and perspectives in pursuit of social change

Social, Racial and Economic Justice -- new ideas and proven approaches, including advocacy, organizing, legal and other direct services for marginalized communities (that are not the focus of the two streams above) that:
• address societal inequities
• protect civil liberties and human rights
• advance diversity and inclusion within and among nonprofits

Focused populations -- developing services and policies that improve:
• integration, opportunity and advancement for refugees and immigrants
• improve safety, stability and opportunity for youth in-and-exiting the child welfare system