We're Hiring a Finance Director



CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia (CultureWorks) seeks a seasoned bookkeeper to be its Finance Director, a member our the Finance & Operations team. CultureWorks is a nonprofit “management commons” model - a platform for sharing essential support systems for the arts and heritage community. This position reports to the Senior Finance Director. The Finance Director works closely with the Senior Finance Director to develop and maintain the highest level of quality in service delivery for our Track 2 members, who participate in our shared finance, legal, HR, compliance, and insurance resources.



CultureWorks maintains the following core attributes for all of its team members, regardless of job title or functional area of responsibility.

Equity as a lens on the world – a commitment to the constant practice of critical inquiry and understanding of how oppression acts in our world and how we can counter its forces.

Leadership drive and energy – to define the big questions, not problems, and take initiative, communicate, collaborate, build consensus, and embody our vision and mission.

Omnivorous curiosity and an open mind – a strong knowledge of and interest in cultural and creative practice and the fortitude to push the boundaries of culture to ever-wider embrace.

Compassion, care, and the drive of a social worker – interested in understanding the diverse needs of individuals and organizations, starting with the question, “How can we help you?”.

An appetite for risk, failure, and unflinching candor – the restless urge to question, tinker, and improve our work and its ability to help realize the vision of our team and our members.

Relentless optimism – the urge to solve difficult problems every day across a vast spectrum of cultural practice and to start every answer to “What if…?” with “Yes, that’s possible, if…”.

The ability to set curatorial impulses aside – we are not arbiters of taste or cultural practice; we provide the means by which culture may flourish on its own terms.

We believe in a vision of radical cultural equity – a world in which everyone has unmitigated and equitable access to the resources they need to make or preserve culture, should they so desire. We believe this vision is possible through sharing resources cooperatively, shifting our view of the landscape from one of scarcity to one of abundance. In this world, we apply urgent and unrelenting effort to mitigate the powers that divide and oppress. Cultural practice is not a race to the top, a nasty and brutish life of quiet desperation in which only the “excellent” and “best” survive. It is rather a world in which the deep and irrepressible urge to make and preserve is celebrated and may be pursued by all in the interest of greater wellbeing and flourishing. This vision defines as much our team as it does the community we serve. All are welcome to the commons.



  • Implement bookkeeping and accounts payable/receivable management for both CultureWorks and CultureTrust through our online management portal, accounting softwares, and related databases.
  • Oversee the maintenance and operation of the Track 2 (CultureTrust) online management portal, all accounting softwares, and related databases.
  • Support the Senior Finance Director in all aspects of their work, including budgeting, cash flow management, and overall operating capacity management.
  • Ensure highest quality delivery across all aspects of the financial and bookkeeping services and payroll management for our member projects in Track 2.
  • Implement the financial and risk management policies and practices of CultureWorks and CultureTrust and maintain all accounts payable/receivable records, as well as donor records.
  • Implement all compliance-related donor and funder acknowledgements and ensure that donor records are accurate and up to date; prepare regular donor reports for Track 2 members and Culture Works staff.
  • Support the annual regulatory and tax compliance processes, including audit preparation for both CultureWorks and CultureTrust.
  • Serve as chief contact for all insurance and risk management needs for both CultureWorks and our member projects of CultureTrust.
  • Ensure compliance with foundation, government, and donor grants and pledges, as well as generate budgets and actuals for grant applications and reporting for CultureWorks and Track 2 members.



  • Oversee the Finance Manager in implementing vendor sourcing and contracting processes, policies, and practices, both for CultureWorks and CultureTrust (Track 2).
  • With the Senior Finance Director, oversee, and evaluate the Finance Manager.
  • With the Community Directors, oversee Track 2 member budget and cash flow, including preparing cash flow and other financial statements, as well as analyses and reports as requested by member projects.



  • Bookkeeping and accounting training and certifications preferred (CPA not required).
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and at least 3 years of bookkeeping experience.
  • General knowledge of fiscal sponsorship business models.
  • Superior communications, interpersonal, and team leadership skills.
  • Familiarity with arts and heritage fields, their business models, and modes of operation.
  • General knowledge of nonprofit fiscal management, fundraising, marketing, and operations.
  • General knowledge of nonprofit audit processes.
  • Experience with Sage Intacct accounting software a plus, but not required.



  • Full-Time Beginning October 2018
  • $50,000 Baseline Salary
  • Health Benefits (91% covered by CW)
  • $2K Annual Wellbeing Allowance
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off [PTO] Policy
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan
  • SEPTA Compass

Education Level: 
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and at least 3 years of bookkeeping experience.

To Apply:
Please send in PDF form a cover letter, resume, and three references to Jamaine Smith, Chief Commons Director at the address jointheteam@cultureworksphila.org. Applications mailed through the USPS or faxed are not accepted. CultureWorks is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, gender, or sexual identity.