swarthmore x cw
Calling Social Impact Leaders: Swarthmore + CW Partner for Change!
Are you a social entrepreneur interested in working with a student to address issues + opportunities related to work?

CultureWorks is thrilled to announce a re-occurring partnership with Swarthmore College. 

In it’s third year, this partnership will pair CultureWorks members with Swarthmore students from the Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change course this fall – to work side-by-side to address issues and opportunities related to your work.

In this partnership, based on mutual exchange:

  • Students and CultureWorkers will be open to sharing / learning about the theory + practice of social entrepreneurship.

  • Students will offer real-time, useful advice and hands-on support to CultureWorkers and their projects/organizations, applying the tools and techniques learned in the course directly to your work – in the areas of immediate interest to you.

    • With the exception of fundraising, students can assist where needed, including but not limited to: scaling your work; strengthening your business model; collecting + measuring impact; etc.

  • CultureWorkers will have full access to the course materials. You are welcome (but not required) to attend class sessions that you may be interested in. Please note: These classes will be hosted at the CW offices for accessibility.

  • CultureWorkers will have the chance to work with highly motivated and thoughtful students – as well as an instructor who has 25 years of fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship (which includes assisting in the Northern Ireland Peace Process)!

Are you interested in learning more about the program and throwing your hat in the ring to be one of only five members selected to participate?

We are accepting (brief!) applications from members for this opportunity, available here.  

Deadline is Friday, August 31st. Don't miss out!

If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, feel free to stop by an Info Session at the CW office on August 28 from 6-7PM, where you can meet Denise Crossan, who will be running the course. Also, any questions can be sent to CW's Engagement Director, Melissa Hamilton. 

cw and swarthmore