Photo Courtesy of We Are the Seeds
Member Spotlight: We Are the Seeds
By Rashanda Freeman


We Are the Seeds is a charitable organization founded by a team of women who are dedicated to educating the world about art and culture as it relates to understanding Indigenous people, the history of the United States, and who we all are as American people today. The organization produces cultural events that feature contemporary and traditional Indigenous fine art, music, dance, fashion, literary, and culinary art. Additionally, Seeds hosts interactive art programs and workshops that focus on educating and empowering youth.   

Join We Are the seeds on December 6 for a Holiday Soirée with Zachariah Julian. Enjoy a beautiful night of of music, art, food, and drinks at Jerry's Bar in Northern Liberties. Performing in concert will be Jicarilla Apache pianist/singer/songwriter Zachariah Julian.

Also, on January 24, 2018 as part of The Sanctuary Series at Fleisher Art Memorial, Seeds will feature The Magic of Storytelling with Tchin. Tchin is a nationally known artist and educator of Indigenous arts and culture. Through oral tradition, he tells stories portraying the creation of the world and how things came to be.  For more information, visit!

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