Photo Courtesy Of: Tribe of Fools
Member Spotlight: Tribe of Fools
By Rashanda Freeman

Tribe of Fools has been creating devised theatre and refining that process since 2003. Tribe of Fools creates original plays "in the room" by engaging actors, athletes, designers, directors and writers in a process that embraces play, raw theatricality and kinetic storytelling. The process is a mix of improvisation, playwriting, game play, commedia dell'arte, and circus arts to create shows that intelligently grapple with relevant social issues while remaining fun, accessible and entertaining. This style of creation has been the genesis for Heavy Metal Dance FagAntiheroTwo Street, Zombies... with Gunsand Fishtown - A Hipster Noir.

Tribe of Fools has tackled issues like gender roles, toxic masculinity, violence, sexual identity, learning disabilities, family, power dynamics and even time travel. With their "signature sweet bad-ass approach to theatre" they bring a sense of levity and fun to each production in order to make complicated and difficult themes accessible and identifiable to the audience. 

Coming up next is their Annual Holiday Burlesque on Saturday, December 19, at Asian Arts Initiative. The entertaining show is being hosted once again by the enormously talented and minimally covered, Nasty Frosty (Meghann Williams). Tribe of Fools Annual Holiday Burlesque is an evening of songs, dancing and comedy in a holiday theme for adults only.

Join them as they celebrate and lament the anxieties of the holidays with Dirty Santa, Sexually Anxious Rudolph, Nasty Frosty and a merry band of holiday delinquents who will warm your... um, heart, let's just say heart for now.

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