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Fringe Festival: CultureWorks Edition
Performances Featuring CW Members

The artist equivalent of back-to-school excitement is the palpable anticipation of waiting for the Fringe Festival. Each September, the Fringe Festival brings local, national and international art to Philadelphia with more than a two-week-long extravaganza drawing upwards of 40,000 people. This year's lineup features more than100 theater, dance, comedy, visual art and spoken word shows. 

We are thrilled to announce several CultureWorks members are producing shows during the festival. Featuring diverse themes from the Eagles victory to the first Indian female astronaut in space, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Here are just a few reasons why we are geeking out over the Fringe Festival and why you should too.


Member: Juniper Productions 

Show: Cocktail Plays

When: Sept.17,18,19 & 26.

About: Enjoy four short plays created by Philadelphia playwrights for an ensemble of three local actors. Plays paired with specially crafted cocktails at the gorgeous Philadelphia Distilling.

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Member: Philly Game Mechanics

Show: Digital Art Showcase

When: Sept. 12

About: Come see work from this year’s Digital Fringe Festival. This event showcases a variety of pieces from multiple Philly artists. In addition, Philly Game Mechanics, a local community of game developers, has some game-related surprises.

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Member: Pratima Agrawal (Kaleid Theatre)

Show: Voided

When: Sept. 8-10

About: What is it to be an unconventional Indian woman trying to exist in a marginalizing world? Voided is a solo performance inspired by Pratima’s own experiences and the true story of Kalpana Chawla (the first Indian female astronaut in space and one of the crew members who died in the 2003 Columbia accident). It’s the exploration of culture, status quo, and representation that dares to color outside the lines.

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Member: Tongue & Groove 

Show: Feel 

When: Sept. 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 

About: “How are you feeling?” “Fine.” No, really—Tongue & Groove wants to know!  Anonymously submit your true emotional state: joyful, hurt, worthy, itchy, ashamed, frisky…? Then watch Tongue & Groove improvise a show inspired by the feelings that connect us all. “Hilarious & fearless” (Philadelphia Weekly), “soul-baring sincerity, intelligence and humor” (City Paper). 

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Member: Tribe of Fools

Show: Fly Eagles Fly 

When: Sept. 6-22. 

About: Gwen is a brand new Eagles fan and her office is full of opinions. Copy Mike is a lifelong fan, The Duke calls everyone out as NotRealFans™, and Lara is aghast at Gwen for liking such a #notfeminist thing. Fly Eagles Fly asks: what is fandom, what is community, and how do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love?

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Member: We Are The Seeds + The Art. Dept. Collective 

Show: The Magic of Storytelling with Tchin

When: Sept. 15. 

About: Tchin is a nationally known artist and educator of Indigenous arts and culture. Tchin brings ancestral stories alive with Native American music and colorful magic. In his energizing presentation, Tchin addresses important topics including cultural diversity, music appreciation, and environmental stewardship.