common field

YallaPunk' Speaks at Common Field Convening

Saturday, Apr 27, 2019
10:00am 11:30am


YallaPunk's Rana Fayez will speaks at this year's Common Field Convening, happening right here in Philadelphia. More information below.

Presenters: Extension or Communication, Nerissa Cooney, Rana Fayez, Tania Maria Rios

Extension or Communication (E or C) members Grimaldi Baez and Ricky Yanas, along with presenters Nerissa Cooney, Rana Fayez and Tania Marrero Rios will host a conversation focusing on how we negotiate language in our organizations, institutions and cultural spaces. Judith Butler states, “If we are formed in language, then that formative power precedes and conditions any decision we might make about it…” How we encounter the world and each other is mediated through the words we use to describe those encounters. Within the realm of public/political discourse the word “issue” is more often employed to evoke what are actually PROBLEMS. As writer, Carina Chocano puts it, “To call something an issue can suggest not just that it’s a niche concern but that there’s a lack of agreement over whether it’s even a concern at all.” This places the matrix of action outside the common space of objectives and concrete actions and into the subjective field of the personal, the abstract, intangible.

In other ways we see the problem of language arise, whether it be in the constant fight for legal recognition of personhood by the trans community, translation services within cultural institutions, or the desire to safely communicate within one's first language in public space. This conversation aims to identify the problems of language in our institutions, organizations, and communities and begin to develop concrete solutions to these problems by focusing on four compound questions: 1. How are we negotiating language as a community? 2. What is failing? What is working? What are the blindspots? 3. How do rhetoric, politics, and scale play a role in how role in the development of our collective language? 4. What tools are being developed to help us manifest more effective open language structures?