How to Ask for Money

How to Ask for Money (Without Shame)


Thursday, Mar 05, 2020
6:00pm 8:00pm


Whether your organization is big or small, at some point you'll likely need to sit down with someone, somewhere, and ask them to invest in your idea, mission, and/or work. 

This workshop is designed to help folks raise more money, with less shame around the ask. Together, we’ll share ideas + activities to help you strengthen your skills and confidence with fundraising, especially individual donor development. We will:

  • Think about / name your networks + who you can ask
  • Review how to make the actual ask
  • Practice making the asks with one another
  • Set personal fundraising goals and timelines 

This workshop is best attended in pairs or small groups from your organization or team (because collaborative brainstorming + fundraising is key). The more folks from the same team who attend the session, the more effective the workshop will be.

Workshops are open to all, emerging to established leaders, board members, non-profits, for-profits, co-ops, and anyone who feels weird asking people for money. Please RSVP in advance as sessions are capped around 20 and tend to fill quickly.