Hidden City Philadelphia hosts Subterranean Philly Walking Tour

Saturday, Mar 09, 2019
Saturday, Mar 30, 2019
Hidden City Philadelphia


Hidden City Philadelphia presents Subterranean Philly: What Lies Beneath, a walking tour of anything and everything that’s below the surface of Philadelphia, the tunnels and subway stations, basements, concourses, sewers and utility lines that form an underground city beneath our feet.

We'll travel along various sub-terrestrial passages as we trace underground transportation's influence on Philadelphia's growth and development--and examine the visionary ideas that never came to fruition. While we won't be entering any areas closed to the public, (do that on your own time! we've tracked down the history of pretty much all of the abandoned tunnels and ghost stations those unrealized plans left behind and have found rare images to show you what they look like. We'll dig into the big questions, like why Philly has so few subway lines, plus answer a host of small ones, such as: What happened to "The Greatest Subway Station in the World"? Why there's an abandoned tunnel and station under Arch Street? And what surprise did engineers discovered when they started digging under City Hall?

Starting point: Northwest corner of 8th and Market

Ending Point: SEPTA headquarters, 1212 Market Street

Questions, concerns, conundrums? Contact Hidden City project director Pete Woodall at 267-259-7112.