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CW Sip & Share // Member Meetup

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
5:00pm 7:00pm


Sip & Share.
The formula is simple:
We provide the food, drinks, and space. You provide you. 

CW Member Meet-ups are a laid-back space where you can meet other members of CultureWorks' creative community, enjoy good food + drinks, and find common interests for future collaborative relationships + projects.

Sip & Share is a space to share the joys that bring you life + the shit that weighs you down. These gatherings are lightly moderated. Each attendee will have 3 minutes (or less) to share something. These share-outs can certainly be about your artistic practice or something you're working on - yet it could also be about what you ate for lunch or an idea you're developing.

Don't know what to share? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Joys
  • Failures
  • What you're working on
  • A good book you've recently read
  • Why artists should (always) get paid more
  • Why you're obsessed with Beyoncé's Homecoming
  • That thing your Aunt Susan said to you that you can't just get over
  • How you self-care + avoid burnout
  • Why you find Jon Snow on Game of Thrones simply irresistible
  • How creative folks drive the economy 
  • That really good restaurant you recently ate at
  • How we can do our work more equitably, indivually + collectively
  • A call for collaboration in your work
  • How much you love your dog / cat / fish / chinchilla / pet
  • What brings you hope
  • Nothing

Because CultureWorks is an intentional community of creative + cultural practictioners and we honestly want you to know each other. So, come to the CW living room, hang out, and get to know that person you've seen at the copier.

This event is FREE to members, their friends, and folks interested in finding out more about the CultureWorks community.  As always, light fare and drinks are on us, and we must say the crowd is top notch.

Can't stay the entire time? No problem! Feel free to join us when you have a moment. Either way, please RSVP in advance. Thanks!

- - - 

Please note: CultureWorks is committed to providing accessible programs, events, + services. Our space is wheelchair accessible with a gender-neutral, accessible bathroom. Please contact us via the email link below regarding additional accommodations - and we’ll do our best to assist.

sip + share