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Friday, Jul 31, 2020
1:00pm 3:00pm

At CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia we take Black Lives very seriously. It's not just a statement, hashtag or brand activism for us. Our membership is comprised largely of Black artists who work dilgently to create art in their communities. Their vision for accessible art has created oppourtunites for other artists of color while also building best practices for white counterpart and traditional organizations/partners to learn from. 

In the spirit of continuing to amplify the voices of our members, we have curated a round-up of events from our members. Systemic racism and the events that have unfolded across America should serve as an urgent reminder that organizations of all sizes need to stand behind Black lives. 


North Philly Peace Park - Hosts various events at their park in North Philadelphia. Whether it be mediation workshops, cooking classes, youth activities there's something for the whole family. 


Theatre in the X - Creates free theatre performances in West Philly, past productions include The Wiz and The Colored Museum. This year, they will present an original play created with the West Philadelphia community in mind. They will have four community meetings between this winter and the spring as a basis for the play, and devise an original theater piece. 

Millennial Ventures - owns growing portfolio of tech, education, media, and consulting companies and brands. This summer they will launch their first entrepreneurial e-camp, Mandatory Millionaires. In just a few weeks, we'll welcome our inaugural cohort of high school and college "Student CEOs" who will learn about business, leadership, and how to launch a venture from start to finish.