Our staff recognizes that there is no “one-size fits all” approach to meeting the advisory and support needs of our community. In effort to center our values of equity, empathy, creativity and boldness in our work, our team offers three distinct, but interrelated, pathways aimed at increasing capacity to produce your work and accomplish your unique goals.



Groups can engage our team by booking a learning and professional development workshop. Individuals and small teams in need of thought partnership, accountability and structure can schedule a series of affordable and customizable one-on-one coaching sessions. Organizations and projects in need of traditional advisory support for planning, strategy, assessment, and research can also engage our highly qualified team to produce deliverables for a range of purposes and stakeholders.

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We offer everything from interim executive management to project management, to strategic and business planning across a variety of specialized subjects and fields in the arts and culture sector. Support is offered by CultureWorks’ consulting team, as well as a roster of highly accomplished Affiliate consultants who offer our members their professional services at a discounted rate. You can access support by the hour, or assemble bundles of time, services and custom teams for larger and more complex projects.



QUESTIONS? We welcome interested individuals or teams to arrange a free 30-minute conference call or in-person meeting to discuss your consulting needs and options here at CultureWorks. Wilfredo Hernandez, Consulting & Community Director, will be more than happy to help support you in deciding the best course of action for your project.


“Collaborating with the CultureWorks team has been extremely rewarding. Wilfredo’s understanding and openness provides tremendous support as we navigate programmatic expansions and new relationships with funders and collaborators. Being part of the CW’s family has enabled PHLAFF

Marangeli Mejia-Rabell
Philadelphia Latino Film Festival
Theater of Witness

My work has been tremendously enhanced from my consulting meetings, first with Jamaine, and now with Wilfredo. These meetings leave me with an understanding of the broader context of my own work, a sense of possibility and renewed commitment to my passion. Wilfredo has been able

Teya Sepinuck
Theater of Witness
Philly Style Bagesls

Through using CW's consulting services, we proved to ourselves that we were serious about taking our ideas to the next level. Having a concrete plan to refer to as our idea evolved into reality has been invaluable. The blueprint we created was the foundation for our vision as we

Zilber and Collin Shaprio
Philly Style Bagels

Book workshops facilitated by our expert consultants and facilitators. Workshops offerings updated regularly + can be created and customized for specific teams, organizations and desired outcomes. We offer accessible sliding scale options for all teams and budget sizes. 


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Do you need expert support and constructive feedback on a specific element or aspect of your work? 

Do you currently work in a silo and wish you had a thought partner to test ideas with or run things by?

Do you need a partner to help hold you accountable to your vision and goals?

Projects can hone in on a specific element of their work that they need assistance with (such as budgets, grant applications review, funding strategy, etc.) under the guidance of a CW staff expert. Rates are $50.00 per hour. Book a package of hours to save money! 

second muse

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Strategic, financial or analytical in scope. These engagements are meant for projects and organizations that are working with stable resources and organizational structures, can clearly articulate their needs and goals, and can commit to a firm timeline/process for receipt of a deliverable that will impact their own work. CultureWorks consulting rates range from $90-125 per hour depending on the consultant(s) assigned to your project. Clients will also have access to our Affiliate Network of consultants who offer highly specialized services.


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Wilfredo Hernandez