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Erica Hawthorne

Originally from Kansas City, Erica moved to Philadelphia (by way of Minneapolis, MN) in 2003 to attend graduate school at Temple University where she received her Master's degree in African American Studies. Upon graduation, she remained in Philadelphia and spent significant time participating in the rich creative scene in the city. Erica has utilized her professional experience to teach workshops encouraging artists and individuals to live out their greatest creative potential. She has used the same energy as a consultant to successfully help nonprofit organizations and individuals enhance their community outreach efforts and marketing/promotion goals. Erica continues to share her artistic talents as a seasoned spoken word artist, actress and keynote speaker featuring at various colleges, festivals and venues across the United States and Canada. As founder of the Small But Mighty Arts grant program, Erica is working to provide independent artists with micro-funding that will allow them to better sustain and share their art in the community.

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