Providing affordable shared management resources to the arts, heritage, and creative communities of Greater Philadelphia.


shared staff and nonprofit umbrella

It’s your work, you remain the public face, and the credit is all yours.  The business for your project is conducted through CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia. This includes obtaining insurances (including group health insurance, if needed) contracting, employing, paying bills, and receiving income. All financial relationships are handled through CultureTrust directly. For instance, contracts are made out between your artists or service providers and CultureTrust, checks are written to employees from CultureTrust, and donor and grant checks are made out to CultureTrust.

CultureTrust is an independent charitable trust.  CultureWorks provides the management staff and day-to-day administrative support for all CultureTrust projects through our Trust program. Projects and organizations (both are called “projects” under the trust) must apply to become part of CultureTrust.

As an independent artist or producer you don’t need your own corporation or even bank account, and none of the project liabilities attach to you as an individual. Since costs are allocated to projects based on a percent of revenues (12% of gross receipts), expenses for our support track to your program and financial activity, making it a more affordable solution than fixed-fee “outsourcing.” You only incur costs when there is financial activity.

manage your project or company

Trust provides affordable back-office resources to charitable projects without their own non-profit status, or existing organizations that seek to increase management capacity while trimming costs on insurance and back office expenses. The resources accessible through this program—nonprofit status for fundraising, governance, accounting, contracting, bill paying, insurance, payroll/human resource management, and project management—are shared through joining our affiliate, CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia.

CultureTrust is a direct manager and administrator for projects and organizations working in the fine and performing arts, heritage, humanities, journalism, design, and creative practices. CultureWorks is the administrator of CultureTrust through our Trust program.

affordable back office management

Through the Trust program, you access our nonprofit affiliate CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, which serves as a nonprofit organization for projects without their own affiliation, and affordable and sustainable back office management for existing organizations.

For a cost allocation of 12% of project revenues (earned and contributed), you get a nonprofit umbrella for raising funds, as well as a project and human resource manager and a finance team. In addition, you receive basic insurances, bill paying, payroll management, compliance, and board oversight. Other resources are available à la carte. Participation in CultureTrust requires a membership (at any level) in our coworking program, which is accompanied by a number of other benefits and amenities.

CultureTrust offers the benefit of associating with a trusted presence in the cultural and philanthropic community helping to build relationships with donors and funders. It can also be a platform for managing collaborative projects and undertaking consortium fundraising.

perks from our partners

In addition to the coworking space, equipment, shared solutions and environment filled with creativity and productivity we have a team of partner businesses that are thrilled to share their products and services with CultureWorks members as a way to say “you’re awesome.” Enjoy.

  • 12890888_1109156022459675_206871559182629875_o
    The Living Room Cafe
  • The Living Room Cafe

    The Living Room Cafe  is farm to table your way. Their menu is locally sourced and offers freshly prepared food for dining in, taking out, and catering. They are a small business that goes above and beyond offering customizable catering orders, Gluten-Free, and vegan options in addition to classic offerings. They utilize compostable wares and are committed to 0-10% waste - as well as donating 5% of their sales to various non-profits. As CultureWorks members, you receive a 10% discounted rate when you order catering from The Living Room Cafe.  Contact Zachary for details at or 484-437-2069.

  • Aumen Brothers Logo crop
    Aumen Brothers Video Production
  • Aumen Brothers Video Production

    Aumen Brothers creates the films that tell the stories that spread the message...your message. As a boutique video production company, they're on a mission to create, capture, and produce breathtaking imagery for advertising, narrative, and informative stories. As CultureWorks members, you receive discounted rates when you work with Aumen Brothers to tell your story!  Contact Eric for details: eric[at]

  • R-Health_Logo_FINAL
  • RHealth

    R-Health is a leader in the growing national movement toward Direct Primary Care (DPC).  DPC is an innovative, membership-based approach to comprehensive primary and preventive care that dramatically improves the quality and convenience of patient care, driving better health outcomes.  CultureWorks members get a free month trial as well as $10 off services on-going.

    Contact RHealth: info[at] for more information (and to sign up!)

  • CWGP_phil weekly logo_091013
    Philadelphia Weekly
  • Philadelphia Weekly

    All CultureWorks members receive non-profit pricing (40% off) for all advertising in Philadelphia Weekly – regardless of their non-profit status.

    Contact Monica Kanninen for more info: monica[at]


  • Optimal Sport
    Optimal Sport Health Club
  • Optimal Sport Health Club

    Optimal Sport Health Club is located right in our building and offers unparalleled guest service, pointed attention, and a team of professional fitness experts. The gym includes an abundance of group fitness classes as well as state of the art equipment.  CultureWorks members receive discounted pricing on all levels of gym membership, and up to 50% off initiation fees.  Workout your body as well as your mind!

    Contact Paul Krowiki for more details: paul[at]

  • CWGP_pure logo_091013
    Pure Fare
  • Pure Fare

    Pure Fare’s mission is to provide delicious, fresh, healthy, all natural foods that allow consumers to achieve their health goals.  They source the finest organic ingredients and partner with local farmers and food artisans to create tasty (and sustainably cultivated) casual meals.  Plus, they’re right up the street – grab lunch to go!  CultureWorks members receive 10% off purchases and special pricing on catering.

    Contact Kriti Sehgal for details: kriti.sehgal[at]

  • CWGP_mugshots logo_091013
    Mugshots Catering
  • Mugshots Catering

    Mugshots Farm to Office Catering offers socially and environmentally responsible food and coffee service. Like their regular coffeehouse menu, Mugshots catering includes locally and sustainably farmed foods. In line with their triple bottom line philosophy, they also provide compostable and recyclable disposables.  CultureWorks members receive 10% off all catering orders with a waived delivery fee!

    Contact Zachary Scott for more info: catering[at]

  • CWGP_zip logo_091013
  • ZipCar

    ZipCar offers carsharing across the Greater Philadelphia region – including just blocks from our office!  CultureWorks members enjoy discounted pricing on hourly rates, day rates and annual membership fees.  Members may start their onboarding process here.

    Contact Matt Hill for more details: mhill[at]

  • CWGP_ESP logo_091013
    Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
  • Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

    Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Inc. works to preserve and restore the architecture of Eastern State Penitentiary, a National Historic Landmark.  This national treasure is open daily for museum-goers of all ages.  CultureWorks members receive 15% off admission and tours.

    Contact the ESP box office for more information: 215-263-3300

  • CWGP_ticket leap logo_091031
  • TicketLeap

    TicketLeap is the premiere, locally-based, customizable ticketing service for events, shows and performances in the Philadelphia region.  CultureWorks members enjoy special pricing including 25 cents off each online sale, 50 cents off each box office sale, and a $0.00 initiation fee.

    Contact Tim Raybould for details: help[at]


  • Philadelphia City Paper Logo
    Philadelphia City Paper
  • Philadelphia City Paper

    All CultureWorks members receive non-profit pricing (35% off) for all advertising in City Paper – regardless of their non-profit status.

    Contact Stephan Sitzai for more details: stephan[at]

    Smarter Benefit
  • Smarter Benefit

    U.S. Spaces Real Estate offers discounted, personalized service to members through CultureWorks Smarter Benefit program.  This includes 15% off buying or selling your home and/or a $150 rebate on rentals.  Members begin their registration process at CultureWorks' landing page for the program.

    Contact Andrew Janos, Licensed Broker, for more details

  • CWGP_mike tro logo_091013
    Mike Troisi Photography
  • Mike Troisi Photography

    Professional photographer Mike Troisi is CultureWorks’ in-house photo-guru.  Mike provides discounted headshots and retouching service twice a month right here in the office!  Not only convenient, but also discounted: special pricing for members applies.

    Contact Mike Troisi for more info: miketrophoto[at]

  • DVLFS_logo
    Delaware Valley Farm Share
  • Delaware Valley Farm Share

    Support local family farms by signing up for deliveries from The Delaware Valley Community Shared Agriculture program (CSA.)  CultureWorks members can join in to receive local, fresh produce right here at our door!  No need to make a special trip, just come in for your day of work and leave with your veggies.

    Contact Zach Lifton, Coworking Manager, for more information