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Patricia Washington

Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association (ACVA)

Patricia Washington is the President & CEO of the Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association (ACVA), a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to generate tourism and conventions that increase revenues and promote the City of Alexandria, Virginia, and its assets. Under Patricia’s leadership, the city launched Extraordinary Alexandria , a brand campaign expanding upon the city’s 300 year history and integrating the thriving community of independent restaurants, boutiques and arts groups.

Washington formerly served as the Vice President of Cultural Tourism at the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC). During her twelve years with the GPTMC, Washington spearheaded far-reaching strategic branding initiatives including With Art Philadelphia, a $2.5 million collaborative campaign promoting Philadelphia as a top arts destination. A leader in diversity marketing, Washington was the creator and publisher of Philly360, a social media-focused campaign spotlighting the city’s music, fashion and cultural scene from a young, urban, multicultural perspective. She also led the Neighborhood Tourism Network expanding tourism to the city’s culturally diverse neighborhoods through immersive tours and performance-based programming. She also shepherded Philadelphia Quest for Freedom, a collaborative program promoting Philadelphia’s African American history from the nation’s founding to the Civil War and the Underground Railroad to the Civil Rights era.

Washington’s background includes serving as a Program Officer for Arts & Cultural and Children, Youth & Families at the William Penn Foundation, where she led community arts and citywide afterschool initiatives, Program Director for the Painted Bride Art Center, and representing independent artists as an entertainment lawyer. She has BFA and JD degrees from Howard University.