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Monique Giroux, MBA

Bonbids, Fundraising Penny Auctions

Bonbids is an online fundraising penny auction site where you bid, you win, you give every time.  Monique founded the site to help causes raise money in a fun and easy way. She created a site that can be used at outdoor and indoor events and that uses mobile devices for bidding. More importantly she helps causes tap into the marketing dollars of local merchants.

Monique has an MBA from McGill University in Montreal. She has worked on the business side of many arts organizations such as The Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York and Les Productions La Fete in Montreal. She founded and ran an online medical second opinion service: Mediguide which she sold several years ago and is now pursuing her passion: fundraising, the next wave.

Monique is fluent in French. She is French Canadian. She is not related to Claude Giroux, the hockey player although, oddly enough, her father’s name is Claude Giroux. He is 86 years old and does not skate.

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